Meyer Equipment

Meyer Equipment is the original makers of Do-It-Yourself Upholstery Kits with 35+ years of experience. We supply custom tailored covers for almost every brand of chiropractic table and bench. If you don't see your table or bench listed here, call us (1-800-527-0748) we can help!

*Our Cover sets are all Custom
Fitted for your Table.

***Do-It-Yourself and save big $$$$

Chiropractic Table Recovering

The following list represents brands that we routinely make,
but we can make almost anything!

• AccuFlex • Activator • Ashworth
• Back Specialist (Davis, Duncan and HCMI)
• Chiro-Manis (Barnes)
• Chattanooga
• DC-101 and Gemini (Kyro Tables)
• Electra • Elite • Mercury • Dynasty • EuroTech
• Hill • Leander • Leader • Lloyd
• Old McManis • Omni
• Re-Lax-O • SofTec • Spinalator
• Titan • TRI W-G
• U.S. Table • Winco
• Zenith • Zenith Cox
Back Specialist, Chiro-Manis, Electra, Elite, Mercury, Kyro, Leander, Leader, Lloyd Adjusting Benches, Lloyd Tables, Re-Lax-O Benches, Spinalator, Titan Tables, Zenith Tables, Zenith-Cox
chiropractic table recovering

Meyer Equipment Phone: 1-800-527-0748 Fax: 316-260-1496